Credit -


Tailor made credit products

Commercial loans are one of our main activities. We provide a range of personalized services that are tailored to the type and size of your business. Our philosophy is to look at each business as a whole, examining factors such as cash flow, past performance, future potential, and credit history, as well as the business collateral. Based on this comprehensive analysis, our loan department will put together a tailor-made package that is much more flexible and sophisticated than most traditional loans. 

Mortgages loans

Commercial mortgages are a way to bring ownership of business premises within reach. This way you can stop renting and start building up capital in real estate.

Overdraft facilities

Through a business overdraft facility you will be able to finance the purchase of stock, as well as the inevitable accounts receivables, you will be confronted with running your business.

Business loans

Through a business loan you can augment your capital in order to invest in  your business.

Savings instruments

Vidanova Bank offers savings instruments that will allow you to manage your cash flow maintaining  needed flexibility while maximizing your returns on excess cash.

Time deposits

With a minimum deposit of ANG 5,000.-, this flexible investment solution allows you to receive interest on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. 
Take advantage of our highly competitive interest rates, available for businesses and individual clients.